From sketching initial concepts to brainstorming ideas, our artists will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive understanding of your character’s personality, backstory, and aesthetic preferences.

Receive comprehensive character sheets and profiles that encompass essential information about your characters, including their appearance, personality traits, abilities, and backstory.

We value your input and ideas throughout the design process, ensuring that the final character design aligns with your vision and project requirements.


In the world of storytelling and creative expression, characters are the heart and soul of any narrative. With New Media by your side, you have the tools and expertise needed to breathe life into your characters, making them unforgettable to your audience.




Character designs on packaging provide instant brand recognition. A well-designed character becomes synonymous with your brand and helps in establishing a memorable and unique brand identity in the market.


Tailoring character designs to suit your target demographic helps in capturing their attention and interest. Characters that resonate with the preferences and characteristics of your target audience are more likely to attract and engage potential customers.


Characters are central to storytelling. They can embody your brand’s story, conveying its origins, mission, and values. Through characters, you can narrate a compelling story that resonates with consumers, creating a more engaging and memorable brand experience.


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