A huge thank you to to you guys for helping us bring this project and brand to life! Everything looks absolutely amazing and we are beyond happy with the final products and all the design work. Much appreciation!

Farah Bux & Dean Harrison, Vaperite


The Chilled IcedT range will make you wish that summer never ends as you sit back and relax while enjoying the refreshing fruity flavours perfectly balanced with our fresh Chilled IcedT vape juice.




“ICED-T’” Front and Center of the label, with tea leaves layered behind that. Below that have the image of the relevant fruit image with its colour element and maybe a splash or ice cubes.

Realistic Iced Tea Visual, we want this to look like you’ve just pulled this bottle out of a cooler box filled with ice on a hot summer day at the beach sort of vibe

Silver Background, to give the look of a can, colours and elements then layered on top of that.



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