Expert Video Editing and Design

Tasked with creating captivating TV banners for Vaperite’s new Long Fills, we delivered a series of high-impact videos that not only showcase the product but also enhance the brand’s visual identity.

Our expertise in video editing, combined with cutting-edge digital assets and intricate 3D elements, ensured a final product that truly stands out. Each video in this series was meticulously crafted to highlight the unique aesthetic of Vaperite’s Long Fills.

The project underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality video content that meets and exceeds client expectations.



What the client needed

An extensive collection of captivating short videos carefully selected to showcase the individual characteristics of every product, with each brand presenting a unique visual identity to set their offerings apart on screen and engage viewers with captivating content.

In store screens

Created for seamless playback on all television and monitor systems, our videos are optimized for minimal file sizes and crisp resolution, ensuring compatibility with any hardware found in stores.


Customers have a limited time in-store, so they prefer short and concise product videos over lengthy ones. It is crucial to keep the videos brief and to the point to effectively engage them, capturing their attention quickly and conveying the key benefits of the product in a clear and compelling manner. 

Hard to miss

Engaging visuals and dynamic on-screen elements captivate customers’ attention, focusing their gaze promptly to showcase the latest products and best deals, aiding in their decision-making process.


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