Youthful Living has been using NMD services for many years. NMD has done over 100 Designs for me. I have seen great success in the trade as a result of the high calibre of work and no task has ever been too much of an ask for them. NMD has always provided great services, even under great time pressure and unexpected circumstances. I would highly recommend New Media Design. Their passion and commitment to what they do always astonish me! Thank you for your services, I look forward to a bright future! We believe in you.

Werner Weber, CEO and Founder, Youthful Living



Werner Weber started the Youthful Living brand as a way to share his passion for the health industry. What started out as handmade nut butters in his kitchen during spare time completing his articles, soon evolved into commercial nut butter production at a certified facility.

From health snacks and nut butters, to weight management and performance nutrition – Youthful Living believes in offering unique, high-quality and innovative healthy alternatives without compromising on flavour, fun or their signature delicious taste.

Youthful living products promote guilt-free snacking, immunity & health, lifestyle & performance, rejuvenation and weight mangements & slimming products.  



Creating breautiful packaging design for any and all of the Youthful Living products that are expanding fast due to popular demand.


Select colour range that represents each product as their own but ties in with one another to create brand awarness.


Assisting with designing and laying out the nutritional information (Ni) panels on products so that the product complys to rules and regulations.


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